Girls Learn Shooting, Archery, Fishing & More

A perfect early fall day provided the perfect backdrop for local girls to enjoy a day of outdoor activites. The young enthusiastic gals tested their skills at shooting pistols, rifles, bows, flintlocks, clay targets, and casting a rod & reels. Participants were placed into teams and rotated to the different activity stations. “I popped the ballons” gleemed BrianaToth, 14, from Noel after she tried shooting a hand-made primitive longbow. “That was a lot of fun”. During her turn at shooting at a paper target, Cheyenne Knott, 12 from Stella, excitedly shrieked ‘I got the turkey! I got the turkey!” while she took aim with a .22 caliber rifle. The day was summed up as 15 year old Becca Ricket, Anderson was asked if she had fun, and she replied, “I enjoyed all of it, all of the events. This was such a great day!!!” The goal of the event was to provide an opportunity for young girls to try these typs of outdoor activities with their own peers, and introduce them to something they may not have experienced before. McDoanld County’s local organization Young Outdoorsmen United hosted the affiar and was aided with support from Cornerstone Bank.