Hounds, Rabbits & Kids

A pack of kids and dogs gathered near Southwest City MO in mid February for an afternnon of fun. The youth were treated to a beagle seminar teaching them the characteristics of good rabbit hounds, plus how to handle and show the beagles at hunting competions. Martin McNeely and Vernon Turner, both from Oklahoma,proudly instructed the audience with their national champion hounds. After the seminat, everyone headed to the fields and cover to find and chase rabbits. And, boy did they ever! It was a near blurr with rabbits darting in all directions, dogs barking and chasing after them, and all the doing the same yelling and laughing as the ran too. It was creat intertainment for all involved. When they all returned to the barn,grilled hotdogs and cold drinks were served as wonderful stories were recalled by the participants with lots a smiles! Nine year old Jozlyn Myers sumed up her day well. I loved following Mr. Turners dog named "Tracker". He found alot of rabbits and was way fast! I want one just like him".