Kids "Croak" at Gigging Party

Just before venturing to the ponds to go frog gigging, nearly 20 youth were enthusiastically voicing their excitement and nearly sounded like a pond full of “croaking” amphibians……repeatedly loud! The hosts of the event, Young Outdoorsmen United were equally energetic to see the kids thrilled to participate. All this excitement was preceded by a delicious meal of green beans, fresh boiled corn on the cob, and of course fried frog legs. Several of the youngsters never had eaten frog legs, and prompted 14 year old Andrew Watkins to declare “These are good, I like them a lot”. Needles to say with much delight, many of the dining guests echoed the exact same statement. The late warm July meal was topped-off with homemade ice cream, all served in the community building at beautiful Ponderosa Trails Campground, Pineville MO. After dinner, volunteers demonstrated to the kids the positioning of lights, how to aim the gig pole, and how safely capture their desired game. Everyone took turns practicing on a disposed corn cob to their swagger of success on hitting their target. The young giggers were divided into groups and headed out into the clear night sky to separate designated farm ponds. Volunteers took one youth at a time to the edge of a pond, as the others waited patiently for their turn to go. When each youth returned to the group when they successfully had a frog on the gig pole, they were greeted to high-fives and congratulations by the others. Then the process was repeated until all of them had a chance to experience gigging a frog. The adventure was summed up by first time frogger Nevaeh Widner, age 11, when she displayed her triumphant accomplishment, “I did it, I got one”, she proclaimed. “When does frog season close? I want to go again”. Just like Nevaeh, we all like to “croak” about our gratifying accomplishments!