Coon Dog Day & Hunt

Good weather provide an excellent day of fun for the nearly 75 kids who attended this event. The barking challenge is always a popular activity, and it was no exception again this year. Each youth draws out a coon dog to see how many times their "adopted" hound can bark at a live caged coon hoisted in a tree for 30 seconds. It is pure entertainment to watch the little ones hold on the leash until given the signal to unleash their dog to enter the painted circle on the ground. Judged count the number of barks and the top 5 are declared winner. Beans and cornbread is the evening meal followed by better than a dozen teams of coon dogs, guides, and kids heading off into the night's darkness. A total of 19 coons were treed and left behind for another year of hunting. A big bonfire was the gathering place for story-telling as they returned from a fun filled night!