Feathers Fly At FeatherFest

When you combine perfect weather, fast flying game birds, with enthusiastic kids, the results are bound to be a lot of smiles and good memories. That is exactly what happened on Saturday at the Young Outdoorsemen United held their first annual FeatherFest event. Thirty local youth were selected to participate thru a random drawing, including several who had never shot a gun before attending the event. The young hunters took aim at flying clay targets before heading off to their scheduled hunt, and then paired up with guides and dogs. Each hunter was given the opportunity to chase quail, chuckers, and pheasants. “I wasn’t sure what was going to happen”, said Garrett Lance of Noel before stepping out into the field to hunt. “I hope I get one”. And he did exactly that, a nice pheasant. “I got one…I got one” he exclaimed as he returned to check in and tag his bird. A total of 87 game-birds were harvested by all the young hunters by the end of the day. “It was blast. I had a great time today” beamed Cooper Reese of Southwest City. “I never did this before”. FeatherFest was aided by the support of Cornerstone Bank, O’Brien Farms, Conservation Federation of Missouri, Missouri Deopartment of Conservation, and numerous volunteers.