Youth Trapping Education Workshop

Kids ages 7 -18 attended our youth trapper education course. The education workshop covered regulations, trapping's role in wildlife management. The 2 day class was designed to have a strong focus on the responsible treatment of animals, legal methods regulations, safety, selectivity, and ethical trapper behavior. One the first day the trapping coaches discussed the different types of traps used for specific furbearing animals, baits lures, and attraction scents. The class discussed the different types of sets – water and land sets. Participants were given the opportunity to demonstrate what they have learned by setting their own traps properly with feedback from instructors. Next, the youngsters were transported to an area to set out traps to collectively form their own trap-line to be checked the next day. The education seminar was held on private land where permission has been granted. The next morning the students and mentors met at daylight to “run” the trap line for successful catches. A demonstration was given on how to properly handle fur to prepare for market or personal preservation. The youth trapper education workshop is an outreach program that gives both the students and their parents the opportunity to experience and to be educated in an outdoor skill that helped expand and settle the United Stated of America.