Hunters Education Class Offered

Young Outdoorsmen United is hosting a Hunter Education course for anyone age 11 and older June 28th and 29th at the New-Mac community room, Anderson MO from 6:00pm-9:30pm. The two-session course is in cooperation with the Missouri Department of Conservation. Please call all Young Outdoorsmen United 417-439-8594 to register. The course is limited to the first 20 who sign-up. The June 28th class is the knowledge session and reviews hunter responsibility and ethics, how firearms work and firearm safety, wildlife identification, game care, survival, and first-aid skills, plus firearm-handling skills and hunting techniques. The first session also highlights awareness about wildlife conservation and management, and discusses rules and information unique to Missouri. A student manual will be issued for review and completion. After attending the knowledge session, the skills session is June 29th. Students MUST bring their manual with all chapter reviews completed. The skills session includes a mandatory 35-question, multiple-choice final exam. After successfully completing the skills session, successful participants will receive a temporary certificate so they can purchase a permit and hunt immediately. A permeate Hunter Education card will be mailed to recipients. If you plan to hunt during a Missouri firearms season or you are acting as an adult mentor, you are required to complete an approved hunter-education certification program and provide proof of completion UNLESS you are 15 or younger and will be hunting with a properly permitted adult mentor 18 or older, or born before Jan. 1, 1967. You are also exempt if you received a disability exemption from Missouri Department of Conservation’s Protection Division, or if you are age 16 or older and have purchased an Apprentice Hunter Authorization and will be hunting with a properly permitted adult mentor 18 or older. Any landowner or lessee hunting on the land they own or reside upon are also excempt.