A Beautiful Bluebird Day

The sky was clear, and unseasonably warm. Spring was showing up everywhere, it was a beautiful bluebird day! Not only because of the weather, but it was also a bluebird day thanks to the efforts of Young Outdoorsmen United. Our Bluebird Workshop event attracted 26 local youth ages 5-10 who were introduced Missouri’s state bird. The kids learned how to identify the males from the females, the type of foods they eat, and the birds nesting and hatching cycles. The workshop included coloring activities, making a homemade suet feeder, and constructing a nesting box. “I did it all by myself, I twisted all the screws without any help”, proudly exclaimed Brodie Roessler of Pineville as he was ready to take his nesting box home. The youngsters also were treated to a story about a bluebird authored and told by retired school teacher Mrs. Jo Percy (30 years in McDonald County School District). “I liked the story, it was good, and I didn’t know what bluebirds eat, but I do now”, said Andrew Bowman from Anderson. “I had fun tonight”. The workshop was designed for kids to gain knowledge of nature, introduce them to birding, and to spark their interest in conservation. Young Outdoorsmen United volunteer Ernie Smith stated “The workshop was set-up to give kids a fun way to get outdoors, learn about nature, and hopefully inspire them to do more. These kids are our next generation to take care of Missouri’s great natural resources”. It turned out to be a beautiful bluebird day in more ways than one.