Bow Fishing Get "Thumbs-Up"

Rising in popularity, bow-fishing is quickly becoming an outdoor activity enjoyed by sportsmen of all ages. This was especially evident when Young Outdoorsmen United hosted its first ever bow-fishing event. With over 40 youth ages 10-18 entering a random drawing to participate, 10 were selected to be on-board the professionally guided fishing boat provided by Reel Time Adventures of Grove, OK. The event was divided into two (3-hour) trips to provide quality teaching, and ample room for shooting. The August weather produced a fine day for the first boat of shooters to be on the shores of the lake, and gave them clear water to spot fish. Before the any shooting opportunities were sought, the guides, Den Keith and his son Cole, gave simple instructions and demonstrations how to use the unfamiliar archery equipment. After the introduction, the boat entered a nearby cove and quickly produced shooting opportunities After only a few missed shots, one of the group’s archers stuck a fish and got it on-board. “Yes! I got one”, yelled 15 year old Gatlin Bender, as all the others gave him a congratulatory high-five. Soon it was everyone hitting a fish with their good aim. Some made in onto the boat, and others slipped off. But it was fair to say each one was having an exciting adventure. Robert Hamilton, age 13, was beaming when he got back to the dock and stepped off the boat saying “This was so cool, I loved it”. Round two started just like the first one with a bow-fishing tutorial. And soon the novice youngsters were slinging arrows all around detected fish. It took a tad longer for the second bunch of kids on the boat to bring a fish on board, but 14 year old Andrew Moritz bagged a dandy and prompted him to grin and say “How’s that for good shooting!” But the biggest thrill of the day came when 10 year old Taylie Stauber poked a huge alligator gar and the fish jumped completely out of the water and vigorously shook off the arrow. She stood on the deck of the boat with her eyes wide open in disbelief and asked “Did you see that?” Even the guides commented on the size of the fish and complimented her accuracy. Each kid that participated learned that when you try something new, you may not know what to expect, but the odds are good that it will create awesome memories and some good stories to tell for many years. All of these kids gave the trip a big “Thumbs-Up”. The Young Outdoorsmen United organization is based in McDonald County MO and serves the 4-state region by taking kids age 5-18 hunting, fishing, shooting, or a related activity EVERY month of the year. To learn more about them, visit their Facebook page or website at www.youngoutdoorsmenunited.com