Deer Call Seminar Makes Lots of Noise

A heard of area youth gathered together last week to learn the language of white-tail deer, plus how to make and operate a deer call to imitate sounds to draw them closer. A totalof 19 boys and 11 girls were presented with the call components, and then given assembly instructions by All-Around Game Call World Champion and Realtree Senior Pro Staff member Brad Harris. The youth sanded, fitted, glued, and screwed the pieces together to form the calls. Harris gave them directions how to produce realistic sounds and the youth lit up the room with a ruckus no match for a summer night with crocking frogs, chirping crickets, and buzzing locust. With little practice the students easily mastered grunting deer sounds and transferred the room into a pen full of crooning deer. “I’m gonna try this tonight when I get home”, gleamed Katelyn Ferdig, of Anderson. I’m sure it will work”. While gluing the wooden components together, Logan Harriman of Rocky Comfort eagerly confirmed his enthusiasm, “I wish deer season was here now!” Young Outdoorsmen United hosted the event in cooperation with Cornerstone Bank, Brad Harris Outdoors, and Pastor Frank Ward of Faith Baptist Church.