Build a turkey call seminar

It sounded like a room full of turkeys”, exclaimed Y.O.U. (Young Outdoorsmen United) volunteer Cody Sanny. “The kids actually sounded pretty good for just learning how to use the calls”. The event attracted nearly 20 youth from McDonald County Monday evening in at the Full Gospel Church in Southwest City. Each youth sanded, assembled, glued, and applied beeswax to create their own personal turkey call. Realtree Senior Pro Staff member and game call world champion, Brad Harris, instructed the youth on woodsmanship, conservation, turkey language, and God’s outdoors. “These were a wonderful group of kids, and they did an outstanding job tonight” stated Harris. First time turkey caller 12 year old Ember Killion said, “I didn’t know if I could do it....but I did. I really like it. If I practice, I bet I will be good at it”.